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About me: Welcome


          I'm a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student with Fashion Design Studies Minor at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, and decided to go on an adventure to school in the USA. I chose the University of Cincinnati because of the coop program. I'm a hands-on person so I believe the best way for me to learn and become a real engineer and innovator is by experience them!

I have been passionate about R&D and innovation since I was in high school. I did 3  research projects related to 3D printing technology (Especially food 3D printing) and social robot. I'm looking forward to learning more about them in the future. A lot of people wonder why I decided to do a minor in Fashion Design Studies, which started when I volunteered as designer assistance at the international fashion week in Thailand and I got to know a fashion designer from Poland. I learn a lot from her about fashion and It changed my perspective about the fashion industry forever. I used to think that fashion is just only about clothing but it's actually about the world trend, how to influence people, society, and the whole world. That made me want to get to learn more about it. And I want to combine both fashion and engineering together to create something cool in the future.

         Outside school, I have enthusiastic about both technology and art, I love to listen to music, watch movies, cook and try new foods, travel the world. I also love to participate in philanthropy activities, spread love, and pay kindness forward to other people. I believe in kind of action can change someone's life and make our world become a better place for all of us. 


My top 5 themes 

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My fields of interests

  • UX Design

  • WEB 3.0

  • Blockchain technology

  • Wearable technology

  • 3D Printing technology 

  • Robotics

  • Fashion Industry

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